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Wednesday - March 20, 2019
Week 12

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6:00 PM-7:00 PM Advanced Agility (begins Mar 6, 2019) - Outdoor Agility Field

Please email if you'd like to drop-in. Drop ins are welcome if there's adequate space available in the class.

The class will include complex sequences found in Excellent and/or World Team level courses designed to build the skills necessary to successfully compete at the highest levels. In the class you will continue to perfect skills that are needed to be successful and get the most out of a performance. This class is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their communication with their dog and increase speed and reliability. If you are competing at any level in agility (or have the skills to begin doing so), from the advanced novice handler to the serious masters level handler, this class is designed to challenge you and help you develop or strengthen your proficiency. You will work on perfecting your different handling skills (when to use them and how to execute them) so that you are clear to your dog and can increase your dog's confidence, which builds speed, on the course. You will also learn how to understand the course to develop your handling strategy. 

 Drop ins are welcome when there is room. Instructor pre-approval is necessary.

6:00 PM-7:00 PM Puppy/Adolescent Agility Fun (begins Feb. 13, 2019) - Indoor Training Room

Take advantage of your puppy's natural curiosity and abundant energy to introduce him or her to the fun sport of agility! This 6-week class will focus on some fundamentals of agility using puppy games that will utilize targeting, wobble boards, focus and basic obedience skills. Puppies will be introduced to sights, sounds, and techniques that are helpful toward building confidence without stress on baby joints. Clickers, treats and toys will be used for focus motivators. Class will help build your puppy's confidence and strengthen your bond and partnership. The goal is to create a dog that is engaged, focused and motivated as well as one that is confident, well socialized, and eager to offer behaviors and learn.

Some goals of the class include:

  • Reliable & fast recalls, sit/down stays
  • Building drive & focus
  • Toy motivation
  • Crate games
  • Surface desensitization (things that move, make noise and are elevated; hind end awareness )
  • Introduction to some agility equipment (focusing on familiarization and confidence building initially then shifting to obstacle performance)
This class is designed for puppies 5 months to around 1 year of age. The class meets one day a week for approximately one hour. Classes are limited to 7 puppies. Dogs will need to have a crate, buckle collar or gentle leader, a 6 ft. leash (nylon or leather), and lots of tiny yummy treats (don't feed dinner before class)!

The class will focus on building a positive working relationship with your puppy using play, toys, and lots of treats.

Prerequisite for Puppy Agility Fun!: graduation from Ideal Puppy class (or similar in another school) or obedience class such as Focus Foundation; or approval from instructor or Training Director.
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